History of Rock in Russia
Pesnyary discography, albums, covers fotos Ariel discography, albums, covers fotos DISCOGRAPHIES, albums covers photos
DISCOGRAPHIES, albums covers photos
Russian vynil labels


About me:
I live in St.Petersburg, second biggest city of Russia. I've been collecting records for more than 10 years. Having discovered the features of the Internet I realized the new, great opportunity to fill my collection.

Finally, here is the 1st version of my site. I shall be thankful for ANY suggestions, commentaries, questions and of course TRADE OFFERS!
Have pleasure surfing!

Sincerely yours, DENIS

Dear collectors, music fans, traders!

Welcome to PNP Records

This site is dedicated to Russian rock music, Russian vinyl, Russian CD's.

Here you will find:
  1. History of Rock in Russia
    including information about the leading Russian rock bands
  2. Discographies, album covers
    including Pesnyary, Ariel, to be continued
  3. Russian vinyl, labels
    including little bit of history, scans, identifying Russian records
  4. Links

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